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Carnaval is just around the corner! This year Carnaval celebrations begin in Panama (and everywhere) Friday March 5th and culminate on Tuesday March 5th (aka Mardis Gras, aka, Fat Tuesday, aka the day before the biggest hangover of your life, aka ash Wednesday’s Eve, aka….). During this time almost all business and commerce throughout the country grinds to a halt while the parties rage. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Any other questions can be made in the comments section below.

1: What is the weather usually like during Carnaval? What should I pack?

The weather during Carnaval can vary from hot to pretty much hot. Its also sunny. Always. Bring sunscreen and plenty of money for plenty of water and beer.

2: Where can I book a room in Pedasi?

Try And try booking earlier next year, as rooms are likely all now filled.

3: How much does it cost to go to the Pedasi Carnaval?

It’s free!

4: What happens if there is bad weather?

Please go back and re-read the answer to question 8.

5: Is the Pedasi Carnaval family friendly?

Yes! Kids love it!

6: Why does Carnaval fall on different dates each year?

Carnaval dates change every year because it’s connected to Easter, which can fall on any Sunday between March 23 and April 25. Carnaval day always takes place 47 days before Easter.